Dr. Selker, principle investigator for the OPEnS lab, OSU distinguished professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering, and co-Director of both CTEMPs and TAHMO.org. His areas of expertise include soil hydrology, environmental monitoring, mechanical, analog and digital electronic design. Dr. Selker has been a professor in the department of Biological and Ecological Engineering at Oregon State University for 26 years focused on Water Resources Engineering, publishing more than 175 peer-reviewed articles.

Dr. Chet Udell

Dr. Udell, Director of the OPEnS Lab and OSU assistant professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering. He received his PhD from the University of Florida in Music Composition and Electrical Engineering. He is inventor of U.S. and international patents on wireless sensor technology and data protocols and CEO of a technology startup company.

Cara Walter, PE (Oregon), manager for the OPEnS Lab and CTEMPs, is a Senior Faculty Research Assistant I in the department of Biological and Ecological Engineering at Oregon State University. Cara received her M.S. in Water Resources Engineering from Oregon State University.

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh, Instrumentation and Testing manager for the OPEnS Lab, is a Faculty Research Assistant in Biological and Ecological Engineering. Gurpreet received his M.E.S in Electrical Engineering from Lamar University, Texas.

Current Staff

Sean Booth (ECE) - eDNA
Dexter Carpenter (ME) - FloDar
Cameron Clonch (Applied Physics) - Dendrometer, RainSavor
Kurtis Dinelle (CS) - Loom

Sean Booth is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and works on the eDNA project.

Dexter Carpenter is majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and the lead for the FloDar project.

Cameron Clonch (Researcher, Field Tech) is a majoring in Applied Physics with an interest in sustainability. In her free time, she likes to stay active by running, playing soccer, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, or doing pretty much anything outdoors. And when the PNW rain hits, you can find her inside baking.

Kurtis Dinelle is a Computer Science major looking to transition from a career in wildland firefighting to embedded software engineering. When he is not at a computer, Kurtis enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, biking, and jogging.

Kaitlyn Duthil (BioE) - Dendrometer
Paul Gasper (ME) - FluxTool
Isaac Goshay (ECE) - Slide Sentinel
Bryson Goto (ECE) - Dendrometer, Hypnos, Loom

Kaitlyn Duthil is a Bioengineering major, and is working on the Dendrometer project.

Paul Gasper is a Mechanical Engineering major, and works on the FluxTool project.

Isaac Goshay is an ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) major and originally from the island of Oahu. He is working on the slide sentinel project. He used to be in his high school FTC and FRC robotics team. If he has free time and the weather is nice out, he likes to go get some friends and go play tennis or surfing. If Isaac is not out and about, he is probably just in his room playing video games. 

Bryson Goto (Scholar, Co-Researcher, Field Tech) is a fourth year Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) major with a Computer Science minor. He came from Hawaii to experience what life was like outside of an island and to try new things. He's currently on the Loom and Dendrometer team as the lead ECE member. When he's free, Bryson enjoys hanging out with friends. If he's at home, he'll probably be playing games or binging another TV series. 

Colin Hale-Brown (ME) - Smart Rock
Nathan Jesudason (CS) - eDNA
Duane Knapp (EcoE) - FloDar
Tilford Li (ME) - eDNA

Colin Hale-Brown (Assembly Manager) is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an interest in robotics and aerospace. He is currently developing and manufacturing the Smart Rock.

Nathan Jesudason is an honors college student majoring in computer science. He is currently a junior and on the eDNA sampler team. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, reading, and running, though not at the same time.

Duane Knapp is majoring in Ecology Engineering with an interest in equitability and sustainability. In his free time he enjoys cooking, photography, and spending time with friends.

Tilford Li is majoring in mechanical engineering and working on the eDNA project. In his free time, he hangs out with friends, plays board games, video games, swimming, and bouldering.

Henry McCreery (ME) - Dendrometer
Emmanuel Moncada (CS) - eDNA
Emily Pannell (ME) - Evaporometer
Jace Parks (CS) - Loom

Henry McCreery is a Mechanical Engineering major with an interest in ecology and sustainability. They are on the Dendrometer team and enjoy reading, tabletop games, and spending time in nature.

Emmanuel Moncada is a third year computer science student, with a minor in music. He plays percussion and piano, and enjoys preforming in various musical ensembles in his free time.

Emily Pannell (Field Tech) is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She is currently working on the Evaporometer project. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, drawing, swimming, and gardening.

Jace Parks is a a computer science student interested in the health / science space. He's really enjoying working at OPEnS and can't wait for the things that this lab will accomplish in his time here.

Ethan Pohlschneider (ME) - eDNA
Will Richards (General Engineering) - Loom, Weather Chimes
Mitchell Rose (ECE) - Smart Rock
Kai Roy (ECE) - eDNA

Ethan Pohlschneider is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and working on the eDNA project.

Will Richards is a General Engineering major working on Loom and Weather Chimes.

Mitchell Rose is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and working on the Smart Rock project.

Kai Roy is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and working on the eDNA project.

Phuong Tran (ME) - Smart Rock
Vincent Vaughn-Uding (Applied Physics) - Pied Piper
Aleksandras Vidmantas (CS) - Slide Sentinel
Cameron Whitlow (ECE) - FluxTool, RainSavor, Smart Rock

Phuong Tran is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and working on the Smart Rock project.

Vincent Vaughn (Field Tech) is an Applied Physics major working on the Pied Piper project. In his free time, he runs, bikes, and develops games.

Aleksandras Vidmantas is majoring in Computer Science - Applied and working on the Slide Sentinel project.

Cameron Whitlow is a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and works on the FluxTool, RainSavor, and Smart Rock projects.

Winnie Woo (ECE) - Weather Chimes

Winnie Woo is majoring in ECE. During her free time, she likes reading, cooking and going on hikes. As well as having movie and karaoke nights with friends.

Current Interns (DeLoach Honors, URSA, CAS Researchers Support Program, Senior Design, unpaid):

Previous Staff and Interns

Renee Aimba - ECE; Emre Akbulut - EE; Hadi Al-agele - BEE; Aaron Arvidson - BioEngr; Aditya Bagchi – CS; Lucas Ball - CS; Joshua Barksdale - EE; Jonah Biedermann – CS; Alyssa Bergquist - ME; Bradley Best - SS; Ryan Bohl - EE; C. Greyston Brady - ECE; Andrew Brown - ME; Ryan Christensen - ECE; Max Chu - ME; Natalie Clouse - EE; Tom DeBell - EcoE; Ashwin Devarajan - ME; Rij Dorfman - ECE; Liam Duncan - ECE; Kamron Ebrahimi - CS; Sam Edwards - IE; Martin Escoto - CS; Jonathan Fookes - EE; David Gasper - CS; Luke Goerzten - CS; Gabriela Griffin - ME; Daniel Green - CS; Matt Guo - ECE, EE; Josh Hanna - ECE; Marshal Horn - EE; Catherine Hu - CS; Blake Hudson - CS; Mark Huynh - CS, CE; Kenneth Kang - CS; Adam Kerr - CS; Ezra Kramer – ECE; Danil Kryuchkov - CS; Marissa Kwon - ECE; Lars Larson - EcoE; Dongjun Lee – EE; Grayland Lunn - CS; Manuel Lopez - EE; Torrey Menne - ME; Brendan Miller - EcoE; Jackson Miller - EcoE; Stephen More - EE; Mitch Nelke - ME; Bao Nguyen - EE; Kawin Pechetratanapanit - CS; Carter Peene - CS, Biology; Zack Pelster - ECE; Isaac Salchenberg - ME; Colton Shaw - EcoE; Elijah Shumway - ECE; Jared Smith - Math; Maddie Smith - CS; Brett Stoddard - ECE; Ariel Stroh - IE; Annika Sundstrom - EcoE; Cyrus Swihart - CS; Alicia Veach - ME; Andrew Walker - EcoE; Nikhil Wandhekar - ME; James Yang - ECE; Liam Zimmermann - CS