Dr. Selker, principle investigator for the OPEnS lab, OSU distinguished professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering, and co-Director of both CTEMPs and TAHMO.org. His areas of expertise include soil hydrology, environmental monitoring, mechanical, analog and digital electronic design. Dr. Selker has been a professor in the department of Biological and Ecological Engineering at Oregon State University for 26 years focused on Water Resources Engineering, publishing more than 175 peer-reviewed articles.

Dr. Chet Udell

Dr. Udell, Director of the OPEnS Lab and OSU assistant professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering. He received his PhD from the University of Florida in Music Composition and Electrical Engineering. He is inventor of U.S. and international patents on wireless sensor technology and data protocols and CEO of a technology startup company.

Cara Walter, PE (Oregon), manager for the OPEnS Lab and CTEMPs, is a Senior Faculty Research Assistant I in the department of Biological and Ecological Engineering at Oregon State University. Cara received her M.S. in Water Resources Engineering from Oregon State University.

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh, Instrumentation and Testing manager for the OPEnS Lab, is a Faculty Research Assistant in Biological and Ecological Engineering. Gurpreet received his M.E.S in Electrical Engineering from Lamar University,

Bradley Best, mechanical support for the OPEnS Lab, is seeking a M.S. in Soil Science degree. He has a B.S. in Environmental Science Ecology, GIS certificate, and a minor in business from OSU. Bradley also has a Computer Aided Manufacturing degree from Chemeketa Community College as well as a degree in Integrated Metals Welding from Mt. Hood Community College. Bradley comes from a multiculturally diverse background: his half-brothers and stepdad are African American, and his niece and brother in law are first generation Japanese. Bradley has been in college for over 10 years. His favorite past time is cultivating blueberries: he currently has 10 different kinds of blueberries plants.

Current Staff

Alissa Bergquist


Isaac Goshay


Jackson Miller
Max Chu


Mark Huynh


Bao Nguyen
Cameron Clonch


Kenneth Kang


Kawin Pechetratanapanit
Liam Duncan


Brendan Miller


Isaac Salchenberg

Colton Shaw


Alicia Veach

Elijah Shumway


Andrew Walker

Maddie Smith

Ariel Stroh

Alissa Bergquist is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an interest in robotics. She is currently working on the eDNA and Weed Warden projects, and in her free time she enjoys playing the piano, and board games, and enjoys anything to do with sports.

Max Chu (Advanced Prototyper, Field Technician) is a mechanical engineering major. He competed on a FTC robotic team in high school and enjoys mountain biking in his free time.

Cameron Clonch is a second year student majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an interest in sustainability. In her free time, she likes to stay active by running, playing soccer, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, or doing pretty much anything outdoors. And when the PNW rain hits, you can find her inside baking.

Liam Duncan is majoring in Electrical Computer Engineering. He is currently working on the HyperRail/eGreehouse project. His technical interests are in power systems and embedded systems. When he is not studying or working Liam likes to play the guitar and rock climb. 

Isaac Goshay is an ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) major and originally from the island of Oahu. He is working on the slide sentinel project. He used to be in his high school FTC and FRC robotics team. If he has free time and the weather is nice out, he likes to go get some friends and go play tennis or surfing. If Isaac is not out and about, he is probably just in his room playing video games. 

Mark Huynh is majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Mark loves expanding his knowledge in the field of software and when he is not programming, you can often find him rock climbing, hiking, or just chilling with friends.

Kenneth Kang is a Honors College student studying Business Analytics and Computer Science with a focus in Data Science. Kenneth enjoys playing video games, drinking tea, traveling places, and singing.  Kenneth is working on the eGreenHouse and Loom Development projects. 

Brendan Miller is studying Ecological Engineering. He is currently a member of the WeedSeeker and SensorWiki teams. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and playing instruments, as well as hiking through nature, and camping.

Jackson Miller is an Honors College students getting a BS in Ecological Engineering with a focus in systems analysis. When he's not working, he enjoys making music, cooking, surfing, and reading about new topics that interest him.

Bao Nguyen (Advanced Prototyper) is majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. He comes from Vietnam and attended Blanchet Catholic High School in Salem, OR. Fun fact about Bao: he has attempted hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for 7 days.

Kawin Pechetratanapanit is from Thailand. He’s a sophomore CS student with focus in Machine Learning and Intelligence Systems. Kawin likes programming. In his free time, he programs. Kawin even programs when he sleeps.

Isaac Salchenberg is studying Mechanical Engineering and currently working on the HyperRail/EGreenHouse Project. His hobbies include hiking, fishing, gardening, and lifting.

Colton Shaw is majoring in Ecological Engineering. He is currently a member of the WeedSeeker team. In his free time, he enjoys backpacking, cooking, as well as listening to music. His biggest hobby is stock trading.

Elijah Shumway is an Electrical and Computer engineering student and is currently working on the Evaporometer and Pied Piper projects. When he’s not busy with engineering, Elijah enjoys all things outdoors and playing guitar.

Maddie Smith is an Honors College student majoring in Computer Science with a passion for sustainability. She joined the OPEnS lab to create a data portal to store and visualize all projects' data in a central location. In her free time, she enjoys going outside to hike, practice yoga, and relax.

Ariel Stroh is studying both Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, with long-term goals of working for NASA or Boeing. In her free time, Ariel enjoys playing the bassoon and spending time outdoors.

Alicia Veach (Advanced Prototyper) is an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering. Her hobbies include exploring the outdoors, trying new foods, traveling, and life-long learning. Alicia chose to get involved at OPEnS to be a part of research that relates modern technology with environmental change.

Andrew Walker is a post-bacc Biological & Ecological Engineering student. His first degree was a B.S. is Psychology, but soon after wished to learn more about the world of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. His interests lie in biological & ecological modeling and using the information gathered to created environmentally sound technologies, but when he isn’t at school or in the lab he enjoys hiking, listening to music, and learning to program and prototype.

Current Interns (DeLoach Honors, URSA, CAS Researchers Support Program, Senior Design, unpaid):

Matthew Guo is studying Electrical & Computer Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science. He loves to watch football, listen to music, and kayak.

Adam Kerr is an Honors College student majoring in Computer Science. He enjoys hiking, running, reading and playing video games.

Previous Staff and Interns