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  • December 7, 2020: AGU Fall Meeting H013 - The MacGyver Session: Novel, Exciting, Self-Made, Hacked, and/or Improvised Sensors and Technologies to Measure and Understand the Geosphere. Register with AGU.
    • H013-0008 - Measuring Darcy Flux and Transient Pore Velocity: Development of a Compact Temperature, Pressure, and Electrical Conductivity Sensor
    • H013-0011 - SitkaNet: A Low-Cost, Open-Source System for Landslide Monitoring and Study
    • H013-0012 - Low-cost, Low-profile Dendrometer Optimized for Grapevines
    • H013-0013 - Hypnos Board: A Low-Cost All-In-One Solution for Environment Sensor Power Management, Data Storage, and Task Scheduling
    • H013-0014 - Loom, A Simple Modular Framework for Rapid Prototyping Environmental Sensors, Actuators, and Data Collection
    • H013-0015 - Autonomous Vibrational Analysis and Insect Behavioral Manipulation With Pied Piper
    • H013-0016 - COVID Sampler: Open-source Composite Auto-sampler Against the Pandemic
    • H013-0017 - Openly Published Environmental Sensing (OPEnS) | Distributed Sensing, Distributed Society

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